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Reality TV... Here We Come

What makes a good Reality TV Show?  Drama, interesting characters and fun stories.  Well, here at the Lynchburg Humane Society we have it all! Any national TV stations out there that want to start a Reality TV Show we are here and available!  We don’t have a cute name to suggest yet but here are some of the fun things we could feature.  We are open to the public from 12-5:30 during the week and 12-5 on Saturday and Sunday.  We have a tiny counter where all things happen.  Animal’s being turned in by their owner, people making appointments for spay/neuter, taking lost or found animal reports, adoptions, stray animal intake, and all questions animal related.  We receive in about 50 calls a day about anything from: I have a dog that needs medical help and I can’t afford it to I am trapped in my home because the feral cats are trying to attack me and my family.  We get in dogs that are dangerous and need to be confined for months while they wait for their court cases and sometimes with tha

Stats Tell Their Own Story

Here at the Lynchburg Humane Society we like statistics.  We feel that stats tell a story all on their own. As much as we like "stories" stats are clean and to the point with no embellishments.   When we began to implement changes in how we operated we began to collect stats for all the other animal control pounds in the area.  Anyone can go out to the Virginia State Vet site: and see statistical information on most humane organizations in the state.  We are all required to post our intake and outcome on all animals we care for each year. We keep these stats so we can see if intake is going up or down at other pounds in the area for many reasons. In the beginning was to track stray and owner intake at the other shelters because of our own intake policy change.  The other and big one being because we run the regional spay/neuter clinic and it helps to have the information for grants and to see where our spay/neuter