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It's Not My Cat or Is It?

It is the time of year all shelters call Kitten Season.   We have a lot of people wanting to bring in a cat or litter of kittens.   We begin every conversation by gathering information on how long the cat has been around or how the litter of kittens appeared at their house.   “It’s not my cat” is something we hear a lot these days from people who want to bring us the cat or kittens right away and not wait for space to bring them in responsibly.    This is just an example of some real conversations we have had in the last few weeks… LHS: “How long have you been feeding the cat?” Caller: “About a year but it isn’t my cat.”   Or we hear:   Caller: “these kittens were dumped on my front porch by someone” LHS: “Have you seen any cats around?” Caller: “Yes, a stray cat.” LHS: “How long has the cat been around?”   Caller: “I don’t know, about 8 months?”   LHS: “Have you been feeding the cat? “ Caller: “Yes, but it’s not my cat. “   LHS: “That cat had kitten