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Give Locally

Lately I have seen a lot around in regards to "Buy Locally" and "Shop Locally" to bring awareness to supporting the community in which we live. Well, I would like to bring up " Give Locally ". Over the years in this business I have seen many people, even relatives, give money to large animal organizations thinking the money would then filter down to the local organizations. The large animal organizations like The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Best Friends, ASPCA, PETA and American Humane Association are all independent non-profits that have no governing responsibility to the rest of the smaller humane societies, SPCAs or rescue groups. When you give to those larger national organizations you are giving to them and them alone. A few of them do offer some small grants to those of us who apply but in general the money stays with them. The Lynchburg Humane Society is a private organization that relies greatly on donations. So this year a

Fostering is such a joy

My wish is for others to try fostering an animal from your local humane society. You will receive such a blessing in helping an animal become adoptable. Our first, very first fostering experience has been such a delight! I'd like to share my experience with you.... My husband and I have an 'empty nest' now, so we decided to foster a cat. I went to the humane society to talk with Makena about this and I asked her if I could pick out an adult cat to take home and foster. She mentioned the fact that they have a kitten with a broken leg that needed a foster home. She told me how he needs to have someone give him lots of attention and love. I took one look at him with his cast on his leg and made the decision to bring him home. Once we were home I showed him his room (the extra bathroom), I showed him his litter box, where his food was, and I laid him down on a soft baby blanket in his room. He followed me to the recliner, looked up at me and meowed, so I picked him