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Adopt a Shelter Pet Today

With only 10-15% of all pet owners adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue we felt like we need to increase our market share in this community by showing this commercial provided by Best Friend's Animal Society. We have many highly adoptable pets here and many arrive here because of the circumstances their owners find themselves in. They are not damaged or broken pets but wonderful caring family members who just need a second chance. Come see our long haired cats, our two friendly declawed cats; our husky, black lab, golden retriever mix, beagles and border collie mixes. You will not regret helping a pet with a second chance of happiness.

Fall Time

I think fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crispness in the air. It also reminds me of when we added Bodie to our family. I fell in love (with the help of Ed and Jo Ann, LHS volunteers) at the annual Howl-o-ween pet party. My husband and I had agreed that we would adopt a small female dog. He was a little surprised when I called him with the dog of my dreams - a 60 pound male. Bodie had been at the shelter for five months. I thought it would be hard to house train him - but it was a breeze! Crate training is very useful tool. I was able to stop using the crate after about six months. He took well to his six feline brothers and sisters. Over the past seven years he also gained a four year old human brother and three - two year old siblings. Here is a picture of them from last night. This was right after bathtime and they were all hanging out in our bed. Have a great week - and come in to the shelter if you are looking to add to your family! We have a big adoption event

Big Change Announced at the Annual Fund Kickoff Party

The Lynchburg Humane Society announced last night at their annual fund kickoff party that it will undertake an aggressive goal: By the year 2015 all saveable pets sheltered by the Lynchburg Humane Society will be given the medical and behavioral treatment they need to be placed in caring homes. In the long-range plan there are additional main focuses and goals: Researching to see if the community will support a new shelter with better living environments for the animals Increasing the adoptions by 10% each year for the next five years Increasing the redemption rate so more owners find their lost pets Feral cat plan to reduce the population of feral and free roaming cats in our community Targeted spay/neuter plans to reduce the numbers of cats and pit bulls in our community “This plan is not going to be easy and will take the support of the city and its citizens,” says executive director, Makena Yarbrough. “We feel that it is no longer acceptable to euthanize healthy or

Cats again...

So I feel like we woke up and found ourselves once again with a facility full of cats. We had a second wave of kittens come in and at the same time we have a number of healthy cats that have been treated for URI, ready to come out for adoption. So we are having a one week only sale to see if we find new homes for the available cats. All cats- 5 months or older are 1/2 off now thru the 14th. Stop in and find a cat to snuggle with on these cool autumn nights.


Two teams face off in what could be the most important football game of their lives. And yours. Each animal that gets adopted, is a score for their team. Special pricing on team members help make the process easier. Head coach for the Diamond Hill Dreamers, Charlie, a five year old chow mix told us this could be his last game. He is ready to retire to a big back yard, or country home. Head coach for the opposing team, the Riverside Rangers, Mama-Lou, a two year old, short haired orange tabby, told us;she has been awaiting this game a long time. “Now that my kittens are weened and I am spayed, I'm free to pursue other interests, such as long naps and soothing massages.” This statement was punctuated with loud purring. Duke, center for the dreamers, a one year old Rottweiler mix, put it this way.” I mean, you know, this game means everything to us, but you know, the real winners are the great folks that allow us to share their lives.” Colleen, a one and a half year old Short ha

And baby makes four

We have recently had a number of calls about people who are wanting to bring us the dog or cat they own because they are pregnant or just had a baby so I thought I would post up my personal story in hopes of helping others. Note: I promise that not all my posts will have Sam in them, I know I am beginning to sound like a stage mom. 3 years ago my son Sam was born. At the time our home already included Parker, our Border Collie. I know that the books tell you to “prepare the dog or cat” with sounds of baby cries, baby-like dolls and articles of clothing and blankets from the hospital. We were concerned about how Parker would interact with the baby, especially when Sam began to grab at things. So, before Sam was born, I decided to take Parker through basic obedience class so that I knew he would listen to me if I needed him to do something like “drop it,” “go lay down” or “move away from the baby.” The only other thing we did was bring home a blanket from the hospital – but honestly,