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Removing Breed Labels

I am not a first follower, I am a cautious follower.  I am the first to admit that I need time sometimes to jump on the bandwagon.  I am never the first to buy the latest technology – I am still a generation behind on my iPhone and iPad and just got Windows 10.  I wait and see, contemplate and then listen and learn from others.   When it comes to new things in this field as an organization, we will jump in fast and hard and get the movement started, if it makes sense.  I ask a lot of questions and make sure I understand the “why.”  I don’t change things just to change them and even then after a change we track it and determine if it was the right decision.  So here we are.   Jumping on the bandwagon to remove the breeds off our adoption postings for our dogs.   This discussion has been going on for many years in this field. We didn’t do it at first because it didn’t make sense to me.   We didn’t have a problem with adopting out pit bull type dogs.   Our community has