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Groundbreaking Speech by George and Rosemary Dawson

George : Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the Probable, the Possible, and the Impossible.   To be honest   – until recently my mind really divided everything into three categories:   Likely, Not Likely, and Never Happen.    I have spent most of my life trying to inspire people to shift things up one category – from the Probable to the Possible.   From the not likely to the Likely.     I have been a big believer in vision and inspiration. - in pep talks, and motivation and mission.   And I still think these have their place.   But lately I’ve come to believe that my thinking is too limiting.   That all the motivational speakers and strategic planners have missed a key concept.   Life is more about what you do – than anything else.   It’s more about action than planning or talking. Doing trumps vision, doing trumps strategic planning, doing trumps self doubt.   Doing opens doors, introduces possibilities we could have not imagined, and leads us to be better than w