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Summer Heat and Pets

We are bracing in anticipation of a long hot summer and the summer in Virginia is brutal.   It is important for us all not to forget about how the heat affects our pets.   If you have a dog that is kept outside all the time please make sure they have shade or a place to get away from the hot sun, and that their pen or area has good ventilation and access to plenty of clean fresh water to drink.    If they are long-hair ask your vet if they should have a summer cut or shave.   Another concern is exercising your dog outside in the heat.   Last year we had a dog walker take one of our larger/older dogs for a long walk/run when it was 90 degrees and after 15 minutes the dog was in distress from the over exertion and the heat of the day.    According to Vetinfo website, signs of heat exhaustion and when you should immediately intervene include: heavy panting, hyperventilation (deep breathing), increased salivation early then dry gums as the heat prostration progresses, weakness, confu