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Can you wait please? It means life to us!

Our appointment system is the biggest change the organization has made since my arrival. Not only because it has really helped us save lives but because it was a philosophical change that affected the citizens of the community. When owners need to surrender their pets we ask them to wait until we have an open kennel or cage available. This ensures that the animals are given the time and attention they need; we are able to bring pets in when we have open spaces ensuring no dogs and cats are euthanized due to lack of room. This appointment program enables us to really connect with the owners at a time when they may be feeling overwhelmed or emotional. We talk with them and, in a lot of cases, help them resolve their problems or assist them in finding new homes for their pets. Often, an owner’s first reaction to a pet-related problem is to bring the animal to us. But when we provide other options or ask owners for their help, many do the right thing and begin to help their pets by not l