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The Holidays are about family, life, love and giving. Give an animal a home.

Life is busy. We get it. No one has enough time.   And when you add in the stress of the holidays your life becomes chaotic and filled with activities that you didn’t have time for to begin with.   So why would anyone want to throw a new pet in the mix?   Read on and I will explain why it makes perfect sense to add a pet as a new family member during this time of year.    Home 4 the Holidays is a national promotion that many humane organizations participate in. This will be our fourth year doing it in Lynchburg and this year we are going all out. We want to find homes for all the pets before the end of the year.   We want empty cages. We want pets that are alone day in and day out to know what it means to have a warm loving home where they get the attention they need.   Everyone deserves a family during the holiday season.   That is why we are having three major adoption events where all the pets are only $30. If you don’t think you are ready to adopt at this time you can al