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Stop Apologizing

I meet a lot of people and when they have pets I usually hear about how much they love them or if they are having problems.   I love to hear the stories and help if I can.     The reason for this short blog is that I want everyone to stop apologizing to me and to other staff members of our organization if you purchased your pet or adopted from another organization. I don’t judge you if you bought your pet.   I would rather you try and adopt one because it saves two lives the one adopted and the one that comes in behind them.   And we do get purebreds and I understand wanting a purebred.   I have a Boxer and a Burmese Mountain dog and a French bulldog mix, all rescues, so I get wanting a certain kind of dog. Though I must admit that the Burmese I chose mainly because of her personality and I wish she didn’t have so much hair, my goodness.     But, I get why people buy dogs.   They may have certain hypoallergenic reasons or want a specific breed or they are fearful of

Adoption Matters No Matter What

Recently I heard a comment from someone that I would typically ignore, but I felt like as we move into this new beautiful shelter we might begin to hear it more and more.    “Adopt a dog from another group, Lynchburg is No Kill so the animals aren’t at risk and they have plenty of money”  We actually hope more people adopt, regardless of where; adoption is a good thing and the other groups do great work.  But… suggest that we aren’t saving animals because we don’t euthanize seems ridiculous.   Or that you aren’t helping the animals if you adopt from us.    What?     With us being No Kill we are getting more and more requests for us to take animals from other pounds when they are full. And we want them to reach out to us so we can bring in dogs and cats because we want to find homes for as many animals as possible.   So far this year we have brought in 179 animals from other shelters, with 131 coming in within the last two months .   They obviously need imme

Building and Campaign Update- $5.1 Million Raised.

We did it!  Or better yet, YOU did it!  This community has raised just over $5.1 million towards our new building! The Lynchburg Humane Society received a very generous donation of $250,000 from Liberty University putting us over our original goal of $4.8 million.   As a result our Main Street in the adoption lobby will be named after Liberty University.  We are excited and grateful to have them a part of this community project especially since a large number of our volunteers during the school year are Liberty students.      But we aren’t done yet!  We have enjoyed one of the best capital campaigns in Lynchburg, as a direct result of the leadership of Rosemary and George Dawson and consultant Skip Kuhn and of course the hard work of an amazing committee of dedicated board and community leaders who worked tirelessly to make it happen.  Unfortunatly, material and labor costs have gone up since we did our orginal projection of $5.6 million, creating a small gap to make up.  With many