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Owners are helping us save lives by waiting.

This community has been overwhelmingly supportive of our organization and the work we are doing to save lives.   That includes our appointment system for owned animals.   We take owned animals in by appointment so we can ensure that no animal will be euthanized because we don’t have space.   We are providing a service that helps make certain their pet will be safe here until it finds a new home. But interestingly a few other animal organizations criticize this program.   Fear is the reason.   The fears include:   People will abandon/dump their pets and animals will suffer if we make them wait.     Other pounds in the area will be inundated with pets from our area because we are making people wait. We have to take them in right away because the public is irresponsible.   So let us address the fears so our community will have the right answers and perhaps some of their fears can be alleviated. 1. People will abandon/dump their pets:   People do dump ani