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No Kill Means What?

The number one cause of death for cats in the US- Shelters It occurred to us recently that people may not realize that we are no kill and what that means exactly. So what does no kill mean?  No kill is an industry term that means that the organization does not euthanize healthy or treatable pets in their care.  The general threshold is that they are saving 90% or more of the entire population of pets in their care.   That means every dog and cat that comes into their shelter, not just the “adoptable” ones.  The Lynchburg Humane Society has been no kill since 2011. No Kill does not mean we don’t euthanize. We do euthanize animals that are medically unable to be helped and those that pose a public safety risk in our professional opinions.   We take euthanasia decisions very seriously and it is a decision that ultimately is decided on by our Staff  Veterinarian, myself and our Director of Operations.  We like to look at the entire community as no kill rather than just us because