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Summer of 1,000 lives- Partnerships

This summer is about saving lives but we have found that it is the partnerships that are making it all possible.  The Summer of 1,000 Lives has really kicked off with a big bang.  48 adoptions in one day!  In one week we saw triple the number of animals saved compared to the previous year.   One component of this program is working with other local shelters and organizations to bring in dogs that are available for adoption to help meet the adoption demand this promotion is creating.   When we have space we are able to take dogs and cats from other local shelters and bring in more owned pets needing to find homes.  The groups we are in regular communication with are Bedford, Appomattox, Buckingham and Campbell County shelters.          Because People are adopting and promoting this campaign, we have been able to bring in 67 dogs and cats from other local pounds that now have a chance at finding a wonderful home in our community.   We are spending money to advertise, but we are fortuna