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All About Fostering!

We are always looking for good foster care homes, recruiting new homes is something we have to do each year.  Fostering an animal in need is one of the most rewarding things you can do and it is the most helpful program we have.  What is the foster program?  People often don’t understand what it means to foster and they are afraid of the commitment.  In the foster program the foster volunteer gets to decide the kind of animal they want to foster and how long they can handle the foster.  So you can choose what you want your fostering experience to be. On top of being in control of your experience we can provide you with food and supplies if you need them.  If you are fostering kittens, all they need is a small room or bathroom to live in until they are old enough to be fixed and have received all their shots. If you are fostering puppies, we can provide you with a crate for them to live in.  This is a way for us to try to keep them safe from the terrible viruses that are near impossib