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Becoming a "For Purpose" Business

Find Happiness

Recently, a small group of us brainstormed about our “slogan” or catch phrase for the organization.  Our old catch phrase was “Giving animals a second chance” which was a great statement for our push to become no kill.  But now that the new facility is opening and we have achieved that goal we needed something else.   We considered using our Capital Campaign slogan of “It’s about the pets” but honestly, so much of what we do relates to people and helping them that it isn’t just about the pets. 

That is when one member of the committee said “Find Happiness”.  And we all stopped and said,

2014 was an exciting year for us.  We helped 2,359 pets at our old facility.  Of those, 1,741 were adopted and 276 were returned back to their owners so we helped over 2,000 pets find happiness.  This equates to a 94% save rate, the highest since we started down this path to No Kill. Our mission is to continue to save more pets in our community and the surrounding counties.

We hope to be a resource …