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You Make Us Happy!

This is the perfect time to reflect on last year’s view of animal welfare in our community.   We don’t have final 2015 statistics yet with only a week left we have brought in 3,273 pets which is 946 more than last year and we have adopted out 2,419 which is 727 more adoptions with a save rate of over 93%.   We have had over 1,200 children take part in birthday parties, summer camps and educational programs thanks in part to the Grainger Foundation. We oriented 888 volunteers this year and have on average about 250 volunteering on a regular basis!     We have had Terry Volkswagen Subaru sponsor our adoptions for two months and had other businesses such as Flat Creek Pet Care, Learn Play Stay Doggie resort, Crouch Insurance Group, Domino’s Pizza, Fur Kidz sponsor the care for the pets and adoption fees. Our local business engagement with our operations have increased tenfold through sponsorships, volunteerism and endorsement, we couldn’t have done it without them.   

With Success Comes Detractors

Where there is success, there will be detractors.   There will be those who will communicate false information or want to discredit the work of others.    We know there will always be differing opinions in this field and other groups from time to time disagree with us.   We certainly have opinions as well about a few of the other Humane Societies’ policies and restrictions. We feel a few of them sometimes choose to follow classic old fears, myths and thinking. Recen tly, some of the actions by a few people in these other groups have made it difficult to ignore our differences.     We strive to be progressive, learn from studies and best practices and by doing the right thing to help the pets.   We strive to continue to learn from mistakes and grow and change to meet the needs of this community.  So while we know that others will not always agree with our progressive, life-saving style or policies, we feel it is unfortunate that they choose to try to bring us down t