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What Exactly are The No Kill Programs?

There has been a lot of attention swirling around the City of Lynchburg’s partnership with the Lynchburg Humane Society and the state mandated pound services we provide the city under contract.   We went in front of City Council in February to ask if they would like to join us as we move forward in the next phase of our new Humane Education and Adoption Center.  As we reach our final design stage we need to know if the city would like to continue our long standing relationship that has resulted in 90% of the animals leaving us to go to homes.   Unfortunately, for many reasons, City Council was not completely in agreement and this has resulted in the controversy that surrounds our partnership.    A major concern is that City Council does not believe tax payers should be paying for no kill programs.  We agree, and we are not asking the city to pay for those programs. So what are the components and costs of a No Kill program?  First off it is a change of attitude.  The old way to oper