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Blessing of the Animals at Old City Cemetery

I attended the Blessing of the Animals ceremony last year and was absolutely charmed! Old City Cemetery is such a beautiful, peaceful place that being at the service, and watching all the animals and animal lovers interact was a delight! The fact that the organization chose to include the Lynchburg Humane Society in the celebration and give us a chance to bring adoptable animals made it even more meaningful. Join us this year: Sunday, October 4th, at 3:00, the Old City Cemetery will join with the Lynchburg Area Episcopal clergy to celebrate the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi with the Blessing of the Animals. Bring your favorite creature (in pet carriers or on a leash, please) or picture of your pet and join us to have your animal friend blessed in the spirit of this patron saint. All animals welcome! Bring food or money donations for the Lynchburg Humane Society who will have animals available for adoption.

Fostering Attila

I've had a fostering experience, too, Makena. I brought the tiny little tortie kitty home with the idea that I would keep her until she weighed enough to be spayed. Then I would give her back to the shelter. She seemed so small and helpless.... Ha! Small, yes; but helpless? Oh, no! I quickly learned that Attila the Hunny (the name just came to me) had her own plan. She promptly took over the house, chewed and climbed the plants, chased Oso, the 65 pound dog upstairs and down, put JuJu and Zoe, the adult cats, on notice that big exercise was now in order. In Attila's tiny terrorist mind, anything that moves deserves to be chased, chewed, climbed or swatted. She loves to assume grizzly bear stance and swat at the dog. When he retreats in confusion, she bats at his tail. Oso looks at me as if to say, "Can't you control this little bully?" But even as she wreaks havoc, Attila purrs happily. She collapses for reviving naps and snuggles between attacks. The truly

My Foster Cat

I wanted to write a brief little story about my foster cat, currently named Thelma (my 3 year old likes to change his mind often on her name). Thelma came into the humane society about 6 weeks ago very very thin and honestly, she appeared lifeless. I decided to put her in my office while I was there to see just how bad she was. She was barely able to walk and would lay around most of the day. Thankfully she was eating and drinking water so I knew she had a chance. The interesting things about Thelma is that s he never made a sound, or asked for attention, boss me around; basically she did not act like a cat, she was just there. Then one day after rubbing her on her chin, she reached out with her paw and tried to touch my hand like, please do that again. Thelma was still very thin at that point so I decided to take her home to be fostered. Interesting note to some, my husband used to be highly allergic to cats but we have found that over the years the more he is exposed to cat

Foster's Needed

We are looking for some great individuals to help us with the overflow of kittens we have right now. We are experiencing the second wave of kitten season and we would like to get the kittens out in homes where they can stay healthy while they grow old enough to be spay/neutered and adopted out.