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At times, we hear the strangest things regarding our operations.   But recently an email was sent to our city council and city manager that questioned our practices.   They were so far away from our actual procedures that initially we disregarded them. However, upon reflection I realized that if one person perceives our organization that way, others in our community may as well.    Thus the blog.    The new Edythe Elizabeth Stauffer Center for Pets is run by the Lynchburg Humane Society.   Our adoption center is open to the public; our intake area in the back of the building houses dogs/cats being held for stray periods, court cases, or those pets awaiting medical or behavioral evaluation, or necessary medical treatment.     This back section is leased by the city for use and is unavailable to the general public in order to minimize animal stress, for public safety and for disease control. In an email to our city council and city manager, a person wrote the followi