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Pets forgive and don't give up on us, let us follow their example.

The most heart wrenching thing we see here at the shelter is an animal that has been neglected or abused.  We always find it amazing when they can still look you in the eye sadly and lick your hand or wag their tail.  All they want is love and attention and when they suffer at the hands of the person who is suppose to love them and care for them it is heart breaking.  Samantha here is such a dog that was beaten, kicked and thrown against a wall by her owner and it caused major internal injuries and broken bones.  In these cases animals have every right to hate humans and not trust them, but most will forgive and only ask for love in return.  I think some of us we can learn a lot from pets.  Most don't give up on people and sometimes it feels like we give up on them too easily. Let me make sure I disclose that this is a hard time of year for us and we sometimes find it hard to focus on the positive even when there is so much positive around us.  At a time when the amount of anim