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Cats, time to think differently about them

What we are finding in this amazing world of animal welfare is that everyone has a cat problem.   In the shelter world there is a “cat season”.   This is the time of the year when cat intake goes through the roof and there are way too many cats than there is space for.   This results in alarming euthanasia rates at traditional county/city run shelters. What does it look like? Well to give you an idea – Jan, Feb, Mar months typically see an intake of around 49-55 cats a month, during kitten season and summer months it shoots up to around 200-279 a month. Why?   Kittens.   Spring is when kittens begin arriving.   The question we always ask ourselves is when it will end? Some years it starts around March other years later like May, and continues all the way through to the fall.    The traditional shelters who are not no kill will euthanize cats to make space for new ones coming in because there is just no room at the inn, so to speak.  In recent years, lead organization