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Times Are Changing

I feel so proud and blessed by all the great work this organization and community has accomplished since 2009. Because of the success from so many hard working people, I have been given the privilege to work with and get to know THE top leaders in this field. Leaders such as Tawny Hammond, Brent Toellner, Marc Peralta, Alice Burton, Denise Deisler, Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Holly Sizemore, Kate Hurley and so many more that I would run out of room if I listed them all. Having access to top progressive thinkers has afforded our organization the opportunity to grow and change, and to do things better. When you know better, you do better. We have progressive policies and philosophies that are influenced by so many top minds in this field. We learn and change as new information comes our way, and when we face adversity, we can call upon many to help problem solve or gain insight on how they do things; collaboration at its finest. I bring this up because in this field, it is hard for peop

386 treatments a day

Sometimes when adopted pets go home, a few days or weeks later they become ill.    Some adopters may become angry with us because they feel like we should have discovered the illness, even if it didn’t present itself to us when the pet was here at the center.   It was only after it was home and the adopters noticed some issues resulting in the pet going into distress that we become aware of the medical condition.    This is a story that plays out many times a year.   Often times the adopter wants us to reimburse them the cost to treat the pet.      Most of the pets that come to us have unknown medical history.   However, from the moment they enter our center, they receive an exam, vaccinations, treatment for worms, fleas and ticks, and if a problem presents itself during the exam, they get more extensive medical treatment and diagnostic testing.   We work hard to get them healthy so they can be adopted.   Everything we do medically to every pet, we share with the adopter.