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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

You Amaze Us! Thank you!

So far this year has been an amazing one for the animals at the Lynchburg Humane Society.   None of it could have been accomplished without YOU!   Because of community involvement and your influence we were able to work with city council to strengthen our partnership and to establish a fair compensation and lease agreement for our new humane education and adoption center.  Council received more emails and phone calls around this topic than any other in their tenure. 
We officially merged the operations of the South Central Spay/Neuter Clinic in Evington with ours giving us a more regional focus on reducing the numbers of homeless animals in our entire community.   With a new full-time veterinarian, Dr. Pearson, we have begun to provide more services for the community.  We are up in surgeries and revenue and because of generous donations to our spay/neuter fund and many grants awarded this year, we have fixed over 700 animals for free.  These animals would not have been fixed without y…