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What is the time limit?

Even in light of all we have done to communicate our success we still hear this question. The Lynchburg Humane Society does not have a time limit on the animals we have up for adoption. If the animal continues to thrive and doesn't deteriorate behaviorally or to a medical condition we can't deal with then we continue to hold them until they find homes. Where the time limit comes in is if we have a stray animal we have to hold them for a state required limit of time before we can adopt them. With stray animals that come in without a collar we hold them for 7 days and with a collar we hold them for 12 days. The other question we get a lot is what is the age limit that we place up for adoption? How old is too old. Honestly, we don't care how old they are if again they are medically and behaviorally sound. We have had a 11 year old beagle, a couple of 10 year old large black labs and many senior cats that have all found homes. This community is great about helping those

Pet Care in Warm Weather, copied from an article by Jo Ann Beehler in the News & Advance

Pet Care in Warm Weather The warm weather is upon us and with it comes the need for increased vigilance in the care of our pets. Our faithful friends have a much harder time cooling their bodies during times of high heat and humidity and are highly susceptible to heat stroke. Heat stroke can be fatal for pets just like humans; hence it is imperative that we provide the following to keep them safe and comfortable. Fresh, clean, cool water: A basic need at all times, water becomes even more important during hot weather. Offer your pet several watering stations so that water is always nearby. If you like “high tech” items, automatic watering systems that connect directly to a garden hose or stand-alone watering stations that circulate water through a filter are available from pet catalogs. For those of us who are more “old fashioned,” stainless steel buckets and bowls work just fine. Regardless of the method used, ensure that the system is clean and sanitary. During times of extre