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Road to No KIll

A month ago, I wrote an editorial for the News and Advance about putting a stake in the ground
suggesting that we all need to begin looking at how we take the area no kill.  That it was no longer acceptable for pets to be killed just because there are too many or there is not enough space to hold them. 

And so here we are.  We find ourselves at a cross roads and we have decided it is time for this community to be a part of the solution and not allow the problem to continue to grow.

No Kill VA - “Road to No Kill” is the term we will be using as we begin to grow our programs to give assistance to not only Lynchburg residents and community members in other local counties, but also those in the more desperate regions of our state. 

It isn’t the easy path to take but it is the right path and now is the time. We will lead the charge for this area and other communities across the state because it is the right thing to do, the lives of these pets dying in the state of Virginia need us.  Th…

Claims, rumors and myths about No Kill and the Lynchburg Humane Society