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"I'm moving and I can't take my pet with me"

One of the most common reasons we get when someone needs to surrender their pet to us is "I'm moving and I can't take my pet with me". This is a situation that frustrates me and one I cannot understand under most circumstances. One of the reasons this bothers me so much is because I have recently moved to Lynchburg from Blacksburg and I know how stressful moving can be and when you add the fact that you have to find a place that will allow your pets it becomes even more stressful. My dogs aren't small (85 lbs and 50 lbs), so the weight restrictions that a lot of rentals adhere to was another challenge in my moving venture. But after spending some time researching, and making dozens of phone calls and emails, I was able to find a pet friendly home. If I wasn't able to find a pet friendly home in Lynchburg, I would have looked into rentals in the surrounding areas. I was willing to be "inconvenienced" to be able to keep my dogs with me. I must say tha