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If we don't help them who will?

When you know better you do better...

I want to first give warning that this is a tough love blog post brought on by some recent events but it is an effort to hopefully open some eyes and make people think.I also want to make it clear that this blog is directed to SOME, NOT ALL groups and not to the good people of our community trying hard every day to help the animals.This is the first in a series of blogs I am going to do around this topic on “start trusting people”, in hopes of making people think. 
When you know better you do better….
This is one of my favorite quotes because it embodies my career in this field.I have learned so much over the 12 years in animal welfare.  I learn something new all the time because this field is ever changing or there is a new fresh idea to use, you name it things change.
So it struck me recently, at which point did animal welfare organizations decide it was better to kill pets rather than trust people?I know it seems like a very severe statement but in my mind it is as simple as that.