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What Does No Kill Mean - A response to Dr. Leonard's letter to the editor

This was a letter we submitted to the News and Advance in response to a letter to the editor in July but it was not published.  The letter that I am referring to is posted at the bottom of this blog.   When the Lynchburg Humane Society decided to start down the path to become a “No Kill Community,” we actually did not immediately use that term.  At that time we were euthanizing over 51% of the animals in our care and decided that a change was necessary. Our original long range plan (2009) and our overall vision is that: By 2015 all saveable pets sheltered by the Lynchburg Humane Society are given the medical and behavioral treatment they need to be placed in caring homes. We knew we were striving for a 90% live release rate (the percentage of animals that leave a shelter alive) or higher.   Why then do we use the term “No Kill”?  It is a term known by the public, generally accepted, and one that people understand.  In the No Kill movement the thinking is that taking the li