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Just Glitter

We have implemented a series of Core Values to help us guide our practices at the new Center for Pets.  One of our favorite is GLITTER!  People often wonder how glitter is associated with core values.  Well, glitter is extraordinary, it delights, it sparkles, it makes an impact, and it sticks around longer than intended – so we strive to glitter!   Let’s break down the elements. We feel that this community gave us an extraordinary gift by building our new facility, and our new Edythe Elizabeth Stauffer Center for Pets certainly has some sparkle to it.  It sparkles in the bright cheerful lobby, the artwork of local artists decorating our walls, the pets that are showcased in individual living rooms, some with chandeliers!  Lynchburg allowed us to be held as an example of excellence in the field of No Kill communities and we have gained national recognition as such. Glitter leaves a trail of happiness, which is reflected in our new slogan, “Find Happiness”. We wanted to set the tone