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Just Glitter

We have implemented a series of Core Values to help us guide our practices at the new Center for Pets.  One of our favorite is GLITTER!  People often wonder how glitter is associated with core values.  Well, glitter is extraordinary, it delights, it sparkles, it makes an impact, and it sticks around longer than intended – so we strive to glitter! 

 Let’s break down the elements. We feel that this community gave us an extraordinary gift by building our new facility, and our new Edythe Elizabeth Stauffer Center for Pets certainly has some sparkle to it.  It sparkles in the bright cheerful lobby, the artwork of local artists decorating our walls, the pets that are showcased in individual living rooms, some with chandeliers!  Lynchburg allowed us to be held as an example of excellence in the field of No Kill communities and we have gained national recognition as such.

Glitter leaves a trail of happiness, which is reflected in our new slogan, “Find Happiness”. We wanted to set the tone for what we do to serve the people and pets and how we want people to feel about the organization and our programs. Doesn’t glitter make everyone feel happy?

The most important element is that we want to make a significant impact on this community - for the pets, but also for the people.  So far this year we have taken in 2,817 pets - that is 807 more than last year so far!  We have spayed/neutered 4,356 pets, helped 1,923 find new homes and 260 go back to existing homes.  We have adopted out 533 more pets this year than last year.  We estimate around 12,000 people take advantage of our services in the community and we are saving 93% of pets.

The stats are the big picture view; however, we love to share the individual stories and daily impact as well. The personal stories of individual pets and people include the four day old puppies we bottle fed every 2-4 hours because they had no mother that survived and were adopted, the adopter who lost her husband and came to us looking for a new friend to keep her company because she was so lonely that left with a new friend, the family adopting kittens for their kids who have never had a pet before, the disabled dog  we saved and placed up for adoption that found a home within 48 hours, and  the pet owner who is having major behavior issues and just needs some help and support.  We are making a huge impact on the thousands of animals that call us their temporary home until they find a new one, and having an impact on the thousands of people who are looking for companionship or help with their problems.  You help us make a happy ending possible!

Since opening our new center we have had around 1,000 children come in for birthday parties, camps and educational visits.  We have had 1,019 people volunteer with over 6,900 volunteer hours logged.  The volunteer and children programs will continue to grow and have a wonderful impact on how people view animal shelters and pets in general. 

Glitter sticks around longer than intended – as a non-profit organization, our longevity is in the hands of our supporters, adopters, and people who participate with our programs.  That being said, we continue to look for ways to move forward and grow as an organization in order to have an even greater impact in the lives of our community members.   We feel that having our spay/neuter clinic near us, expanding our medical wellness programs, and having more recreational reasons for the community to come out to our center is what we need to do to grow and help more people and pets.  With this vision in mind, we have entered into a contract for ten acres next to us and we are in the process of going through rezoning so we can finalize the sale of the property in February. The Schenkel family has yet again worked with us to provide us with a good price and a donation to make this 10 acres affordable.  For their continued generosity and dedication to help the animals in our community we are so appreciative.   This property will allow us to expand when we are ready and secure our future impact on this beautiful region. 

Will you help us stick around longer than intended? If everyone who we served gave $13 a month we would cover all the costs to care for the pets and to operate the spay/neuter clinic.  Our budget has grown considerably due to the increase in the operations and the numbers of pets we are serving.  The pets we care for need supporters now more than ever and now until the end of the year we have a match challenge so that every donation is doubled. If you can become a sustaining donor with a monthly donation of a size that your family can afford, please consider it.  You can help us to be the glitter that delights and sticks around longer than intended, and you will add to the happy stories that makes us all smile and brings happiness to our region!


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