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Kitten Warrior Worked!!!

One of our amazing Kitten Warriors Back in April, I put out a plea asking for help and communicated with our supporters about the terrible situation we were dealing with in regards to kitten deaths.  In our blog I wrote:  Kittens are dying at an alarming rate.  We have one more spring/summer in the terrible environment of this old shelter and this year we are going to be diligent about getting kittens out of this environment.  We are calling all homes with an extra bathroom, basement, guest room, laundry room; any place a kitten or a litter can live until they are vaccinated and ready to get adopted.   Last year 134 kittens lost their lives in our shelter because of the poor condition of this building.  We are done with this. When people drop off stray kittens, they think they are better off here when they just aren’t.  Rusted surfaces, poor air handling and crowded conditions, coupled with poor immune systems = dying kittens We are not an organization who just throws up our ha