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Smashing Goals!

One of our organization’s core values is to set goals and then smash them when possible.  Last year we smashed all sorts of records including helping more animals than we have ever helped in over a decade. With a continued save rate of 94% and with adoptions up by 44%, we had an amazing year.  But we are not ones to stand still.   Our management team met at the beginning of January and have set up new goals for 2016.  In 2015 we: •  took in 3,286 dogs and cats which was 968 more than the year before and more than we have ever helped in a decade •  brought in 290 pets from high kill shelters in the region •  adopted out 2,467 dogs and cats which was an increase of 44% over last year •  fixed 7,035 pets at our spay/neuter clinic and fixed 1,736 feral cats • served 1,200 children with birthday parties, camps, field trips and   other educational activities •  oriented 909 volunteers •  reduced our dog length of stay from 19 days to 14 days and cats    from 54 days to only 29 days Over all