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Change the way you look at Pit Bulls

The word “pit bull’ usually conjures up two distinctly different reactions: fear of the breed or the sentiment that they are misunderstood.    I have been in this field for 12 years and although I have always had a healthy respect for pit bulls, they have never been my favorite breed.   So why am I writing an article about pit bulls?   One reason is because October 27 th is National Pit Bull appreciation day which was created to help bring the breed to a more positive light and the second being that I have recently changed my personal opinion about the breed.   Today, pit bulls or their mixes are the number one breed seen in shelters and a result it is estimated that about 1 million are euthanized across the country each year, mainly because of how they look.   This surge in the breed started about 10 years ago when we would see many used as backyard dogs or fighting dogs.   Over the years I have been taught a lot about the breed and the main message was fear. From trainers