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Annual Fund Appeal

Dear Supporter, A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead We are so grateful for your participation in, and support of, our amazing transformation over the last five years.   We made sweeping changes that affected many in this community, but no one more than the animals we served.   We have gone from only 49% to a 94% save rate while simultaneously affecting radical change in how we handle and view animals without owners.   Over 1,500 animals looked to us for food, shelter, and medical care last year. This summer is an ongoing part of that sweeping change that we expect from ourselves and the community at large.   “ The Summer of 1,000 Lives” campaign taught us so much about how much we need this community and our supporters, and how we might plan for operating in our new building.   The Lynchburg Humane Society has adopted out 743 animals and brought in more than 200 pets from oth

Reflection on our Summer of 1,000 Lives

Wow what a summer.   We are truly sad and happy at the same time that this summer is over.   It brought so many great people together to help the pets in our community who don’t have owners. I was one of those people that grew up amazed at times when people liked me and so when the summer kicked off and the whole city and other areas joined in to help us and show us that so many people cared about our cause and organization it was heartwarming.   Yes, you really do like us .   743 dogs and cats found homes this summer and 248 animals were pulled from local pounds during the challenge.   We worked closely with Campbell, Appomattox and Bedford shelters and we even pulled a few dogs from Buckingham and a few kittens from the Amherst Pound.    We had a lot of adoption specials.   From Free up to $25 to even a Name Your Own Price.   I got a number of phone calls and saw things on Facebook from other groups about their concern about giving specials or giving them away fr