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Do you feel like you need a Puppy Support Group?

3 shoes, 7 socks, 1 paper plate, 4 power cords, 2 books, 3 Lego pieces, 4 stuffed animals, 2 chair legs, 1 original canvas painting, all destroyed. Living a life with no rugs on our floors and saying “NO” or “Stop it” A LOT.   Does this sound familiar?   If so, you have adopted a puppy.    You forget when you look at those beautiful, adorable, soulful eyes, when you smell that puppy breath and they are all so small and fuzzy.   You forget, at least I did, that puppies are a lot of work and are times.    You forget the middle of the night walks to go to the bathroom followed by the burst of energy and the crying if they are away from you. All when you just want to sleep.   You forget stepping in a puddle of pee on the floor in your bare feet, you forget your home without any rugs on the floor and you forget that when you are tired and wanting to settle down for the night that they really want to play. Puppies are so much fun but to quote a new parent – t