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Purrfect Pet

This was written by a 4th grader at Holy Cross by the name of Molly Graham. Into the car Along the street To the little building Open the door Within the building Above the barking and meowing Between the bars With begging eyes Inside the cage Is the purrfect pet! Merry Christmas to all and thank you Molly for such a wonderful touching poem.

Blizzard! Lori Cline takes care of business at LHS

We are often asked how the animals are managed when the shelter is closed and during inclement weather. Of course shelter workers are always scheduled to come in to clean runs and cages and feed the animals whether we're open to the public or not. The LHS shelter staff are fiercely loyal to the animals and would never neglect their duties. Lori Cline, the shelter supervisor, left work Friday just as the monster blizzard was starting. She decided she just couldn't leave the animals alone and returned to the shelter. She said she was afraid the storm might be so bad that no one would be able to get back on Saturday to look after the critters. She made up her mind to spend the night at the shelter. I asked her how she spent the time. She cleaned, did some laundry,visited with the animals, did some paper work, and watched old Seinfeld reruns on the internet. She finally made a bed from blankets, freshly laundered of course, on the floor in the break room and with Baxter, one of

Thinking of adopting a new pet for the holidays?

The holiday season is a wonderful time to adopt a new pet for the family. We encourage suchgift-giving to children and family members within the same household. Done thoughtfully, there is no better gift than that of a new four-legged pal. While careful consideration is important, there are many reasons the holidays are an excellent time to bring a new pet into the home: Many people have extra time off to spend with a new pet during the holidays, time for training and socializing the newcomer. Festival time is an opportunity to show off your new family member, invite friends to visit and welcome him/her. The exuberance of the new family member will help bring the true holiday spirit to focus. This is, after all, a time of family, love and new beginnings. Isn’t that what a new pet brings to any home? Pets can help reduce stress, that’s help especially needed over the holidays. Studies have also shown that having a pet can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, making you

Pay it Forward

Doogie’s Great Escape, or Pay it Forward I received a call from a grateful dog-lover the other day. She wanted to make a donation to our “Second Chance Fund”, a fund ear-marked for medical expenses for animals in need. She made this donation gift in honor of two neighbors to whom she is so grateful. Pamela Minkler wrote: “My dog escaped from our newly fenced-in yard today and, thanks to the concern and kindheartedness of two neighbors, (we just moved here two weeks ago), was returned to us safely and quickly. My husband and I were both at work while all of this was happening, and things could certainly have turned out very differently. My dog could have very easily needed the services that your second chance fund provides, and I am so grateful to my neighbors for the fact that he did not. While there is nothing I can do to convey to these two people just how grateful my husband and I are to them, I would like to take a small step in that direction. I would love to donate to the
Hooray for Old Navy!!! Our good friends at the Lynchburg Old Navy received national recognition for the fund-raising, adoption event they sponsored for us the month of October. The corporate folks at Old Navy think it's important to give back to the communities that support their business and they ACT on their convictions. Old Navy charged all their stores to choose a non-profit and come up with a plan not only to support that choice financially but also to sponsor an event. Of course there were hundreds of stores across the nation involved in that competion. Ten stores were honored. Our own Lynchburg store with it's wonderful folks-Alana Carter, Sharon Birch, Justin, Joy-to name a few, won one of those top spots. We love you, Old Navy! Be sure to check out our tree there, and choose a pet to adopt or sponsor.

Say "yes" to the cat

I have often watched "Say yes to the dress" on bravo tv. Mainly because doesn't every girl love the idea of getting a wedding dress even if you are married already. I still want to pull mine out and put it on from time to time. If I could come up with an event where I can wear my wedding dress again I would. Ok so now to the story: We had a lovely young lady come in with her mother last week. They had been in a couple of times and "tried out" many cats to find the one that was a fit. They decided on Wilma because she kept coming back to her. The young girl was crying and she said, "just like they say on the TV show, say yes to the dress, you know it when you find the right one." It was quite touching not just because of the wonderful show of affection for Wilma but because they were very thoughtful in general. The young girl was a student at Virginia Tech and her mother lived here in Lynchburg. She had already checked with her rental office and