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Time to Change Old Habits

We are so proud of all the wonderful support this community has given the pets in the area.  Because of many factors, including the resource of the new Pittsylvania Pet Center, we have seen 714 fewer pets lose their lives to euthanasia in Danville and Pittsylvania in 2017 compared to 2016. That is something to celebrate! The Pet Center not only saves lives, but it also helps place a higher value on the pets who reside in the region. We provide help to pets and to the people who love them.  

Since July 1st2017, 639 stray and 515 owned dogs and cats have come into the Pittsylvania Pet Center. Of those, 892 went into homes through adoption, original owners reclaiming their pets, or by transferring them to another organization for placement. The PPC only had to euthanize 14 pets since the beginning of July, giving them a 98% save rate at this time.  

These are just numbers; I want to tell you about a dog who was recently surrendered by his owner at the age of 7. He is blind in one eye, has a tumor on his anus, and has suffered with yeast infections of the skin for most of his life. The owner felt like he couldn’t continue to deal with his medical issues, and decided to trust the Pet Center to help his beloved pet. Thankfully, we are a shelter that believes in treating pets, and we will provide medical care to fix his issues, as well as any others we find while in our care. This dog has a lot of love to give, and we are hoping to find him a great home where he can receive the attention he needs. 

We have seen recent news reports suggesting that pets are still going to the Danville Area Humane Society by residents of Pittsylvania. If this is true, we are pleading you to stop. We understand habits are hard to break. The community is used to taking pets to DAHS, but it is time to break that habit. We are urging the community to bring Pittsylvania pets to the Pittsylvania Pet Center where they will be safe. We believe that most citizens ARE bringing their pets to PPC simply based on the number of pets that have come into the center. Just looking at January so far this year, we have taken in 101 more pets than we did last January. We are hoping it is because people see that we are a safe place for pets, where they will be taken care of and find a positive outcome.   


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